MailSift Pricing

MailSift Pricing

ServiceMonthly PricingNotes
Inbound Email Filtering$5/domainCovers 100,000 filtered messages
Alias Domains free w/initial domainincluded in message count
Inbound Email Archiving$1.00one month retention
Inbound Email Archiving$10.00one year retention
* Optional additional service


Pricing Description

Inbound Email Filtering

$5.00 per month for each domain, You may have an unlimited number of individual addresses each with their own quarantine. Pricing includes the first 100,000 messages per month

Alias domains and alias email addresses for protected domains can be added at no additional cost. Note that alias domains assume that [email protected] is the same quarantine as

In the unlikely event there is a Message Traffic Overage, it would be billed at $2.50 per additional 100,000 messages.

Note: If you are currently a Pixelgate customer, each primary domain that is associated with a billed hosting service is free for the first 100,000 messages.

Long Term Archiving (optional)

$1/$5 per month per primary domain depending upon period chosen. All messages delivered to MailSift are archived for a few days for safety purposes. As an option, we can extend that for minimum of one month or one year from date of receipt. A seperate Archiving interface is used by the domain administrator (or the mailbox user, if desired) to review those messages. Archived emails may be redelivered to the email server if needed, for a lost laptop for example, but not deleted from the archive.

Longer retention periods are available and archived messages may also be transferred onto DVD or BluRay media for historical purposes. Please request a quote for those services.

Once your trial period is over, there is a minimum invoice of $10.00 for Pixelgate services. If your MailSift monthly bill would not exceed that, you can prepay for a quarter's (3 months) or year's worth of service as necessary to generate a $10 invoice.

Of course, you may also want to consider using some of our other services such as hosting, remote backups, email or DNS services and possibly get some or all of your MailSift service for free.